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The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden was originally a Victorian-styled kitchen garden that used to supply the fruit, vegetables and cut flower requirements to the house. It is 1 hectare (2.27 acres) in size, and is subdivided by free standing walls into five separate compartments. The walled garden was replanted in 1992 and through the 1990's, with each section given a different theme.

The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden is formally laid out with box hedges, surrounding beds which   contain herbs suitable for culinary, medicinal, dyeing and potpourri purposes. There are plants along the walls specifically to attract bees and butterflies.

The Vegetable Potager

The Vegetable Potager demonstrates the variety of vegetables that can be grown in shaped beds to create an attractive display.

The Fruit Garden in Winter

The Fruit Garden includes raspberries, red, white and black currants, gooseberries and fan-trained stone fruit on the walls. A collection of 30 old Irish varieties of apples, espalier-trained on wires, were planted in the year 2000. Varieties include: Scarlet Crofton (1500), Ballyfatten (1802) and Allen’s Everlasting (1864).





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